Housing First in the Rural Context
– Webinar – July 7, 2015
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Newfoundland Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network & Labrador Institute partnered to offer this unique free on-line learning experience that had a focus on rural Labrador, though it is also relevant to other rural communities.

Housing First is a philosophy and approach that is being embraced throughout the country and our province. This can create many challenges and opportunities for those who work in the rural setting of Labrador. We brought together two experts in the field, Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff and Dr. Alina Turner, who further explored what Housing First means in the rural context!

Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff presented a critical examination of how housing first approaches can be applied in rural areas and what elements are most instrumental to housing stability. She also looked at the support needs that workers require in a rural and often isolated work environment.

Dr. Alina Turner’s talk focused on outlining the key elements of a system planning approach tailored for rural communities. Her talk highlighted how rural homeless-serving systems can be reformulated and conjoined with partner regions to develop a streamlined, integrated regionalized response for rural areas.

Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, PhD, Associate Professor
Calgary, AB
Organization/University: Faculty of Social Work – University of Calgary

Dr. Waegemakers Schiff is an associate professor in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary. She has been involved in research on program outcomes and service delivery models for persons with mental illnesses and homeless people for over 30 years. Her recently published book, “Working With Homeless and Vulnerable People: Basic Skills and Practices” (Lyceum Press) addresses training and learning needs of frontline services staff. She was co-chair of the National Homeless Conference in 2009 and is a member of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Canadian Homeless Research Network. Her current research includes an examination of the psychosocial needs of frontline staff.  Recent research includes a comparison of “housing first” programs in three Canadian cities, a scan of rural homelessness across Canada and an analysis of rural homelessness in Alberta. She is currently examining the psychosocial stressors that face frontline workers in the homeless sector.

Email: schiff@ucalgary.ca
For further research papers and information from Dr. Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff: http://www.homelesshub.ca/users/jeannettewaegemakersschiff

Alina Turner, PhD, Consultant
Calgary, AB
Organization/University: Turner Research & Strategy Inc.

Alina was the Vice President of Strategy at the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the organization leading the implementation of Calgary’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness until 2013 when she left to pursue consulting in the non-profit sector. Alina founded Turner Research & Strategy Inc. in 2013, a consulting company that provides research and strategy development support to advance social change. In this work, she supports communities with system planning, transitioning to Housing First, and ending homelessness, as well as research, strategic planning, program and organizational design. Alina is also engaged in strategic planning, policy development and academic research in the area of domestic violence, affordable housing, and immigration. Alina has a Doctoral degree at the University of Calgary focusing on migration and housing.

Current Research Projects: National Point in Time Count (Canadian Homelessness Research Network), Medicine Hat Plan to End Homelessness (Medicine Hat Community Housing Society), Homeless Partnering Strategy Housing First restructuring (Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness), Accessible Housing Society (Three Year Strategic Plan), Housing First Program Evaluation (University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work, funded by the Homeless Partnering Strategy, Strategy development, research agenda and academic publishing (SHIFT – The Project to End Domestic Violence, University of Calgary

Email: turneralina@gmail.com
For further research papers and information from Dr. Alina Turner: http://homelesshub.ca/users/alinaturner

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